Ten 2 631 AA

Ten 2 631 AA

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  • Balanced, high fidelity sound, with a more in yer face result than the Contra or Coda
  • Cabrio Docking System allows you to separate the amp and speaker components for separate use!
  • 1/4" or XLR input; input impedances are 1 megohm or 600 ohms based on jack chosen, separately buffered
  • Effects Loops via 1/4" phone jacks for each channel
  • Balanced XLR Line Output with Ground Lift
  • PRE- or POST- switch for XLR output
  • Phantom power (switchable) on XLR inputs
  • Channel Input and master level controls
  • AC Power On/Off switch with LED Indicator
  • 650-Watt (@4 ohms) "Digital" Power Amplifier -- clean power! (Internal speakers are 8 ohms)
  • External Speaker Output (Neutrik Speakon)
  • Two-way sealed (infinite baffle) speaker system
  • Headphone output
    • 10" Long-throw Low-frequency Woofer (down-firing)
    • 10" Long-throw Low-frequency Woofer (front-firing)
    • 2.5" coaxial tweeter (mounted in center position in relation to the front firing woofer) with off/two position attenuation switch
  • Phase correcting crossover
  • Exclusive three position (off-medium-high) Room Coupling ControlTM to help tame boomy acoustics
  • Detachable AC Input Connector with Built-in Fuse
  • Dual voltage operation (115v/230v, 50/60 Hz) via automatic switch (comes with USA Cable; to use in other countries, you can source an IEC-C13 AC Cable, also commonly used for computer power supplies.)